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Dollar Tree Gift Swap | Cousin Edition | Tik Tok Challenge

I hope you enjoy this Dollar Tree Gift Swap Cousin’s Edition Tik Tok Challenge video! We had so much fun trying to find gifts for each other from the Dollar Tree and then presenting them to each other. There was tons of laughs and a few surprises. Lol.

Watch ShaQuira’s video: https://youtu.be/OoXgXQNuo68

Hallway Makeover

I’ve lived in this house with my husband and 2 year old daughter for 3 and a half years now and we’ve hardly made any changes to the place since we’ve lived here.

But that’s all about to change – starting with this hallway.

We gave this area a fresh coat of paint and purpose with new furniture to match.

Watch the full process here:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:05 Paint
  • 02:34 Tape Removal
  • 04:08 Cabinet Build
  • 05:09 Mirror
  • 05:38 Decor Haul
  • 08:37 Decor placement
  • 10:13 Runner
  • 10:41 The Reveal

Products Mentioned:

Rossi Nails Unboxing | DIY Dip Nail Kit

Rossi Nails was nice enough to send me a mystery box free to try their dip nail kit. In this video I unbox all the products needed to do a DIY Dip Nail manicure at home.

My mystery box included:

  • One Dip Color
  • The Base Coat
  • The Activator
  • The Top Coat

Watch my initial reaction:

My tutorial on how I do my dip nails at home is coming on Wednesday. 

Black Owned Business Gift Exchange! | New Year New Black Owned Businesses to Support | Giveaway

Me and my YouTube Friends did a Black Owned Business Gift Exchange! After drawing names we picked gifts for each other specifically from Black Owned Businesses. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in the exchange.

Gift Exchange Videos:

Items I was gifted:

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Gift Ideas for Moms | What I got for Christmas

I love seeing what other people got for Christmas and taking notes for what I might want for Mother’s Day, my birthday, or for Christmas myself. So I thought it would be fun to share what I got for Christmas with you!

The really cool thing that we did was create amazon wishlists for everyone in my household so I got a bunch of things that I really wanted but I was still able to be surprised on Christmas Day. If you’re into purchasing items on Amazon, I highly suggest starting a wishlist of your own and adding any items you see below that you like to your wishlist.

If you’d rather watch me talk about these items, be sure to watch my Youtube video below. But if you’d rather read about them, keep scrolling down.

Items I got for Christmas

Live Love Inspire Planner

Nespresso & Aeroccino

Product linked here: https://amzn.to/38a71Zg

  • If you don’t know a Nespresso machine is, it is a coffee maker that takes capsules, but it makes such a creamy and delicious cup of coffee because of the way that it brews it.
  • Every cup has a layer of creama on top without adding any milk or cream.
  • They also have a variety of capsules so the variety of drinks it can make are endless.
  • The Aeroccino is a milk frother. With these items together, you’ll never need Starbucks again.

What My Toddler Got For Christmas

My daughter is 2.5 years old, so we wanted to get her gifts that she can have fun with, but also learn from. In this post, I’ll share the items she got and why we love them for her.

I work from home full time right now due to the pandemic and am also taking care of my daughter full time at home due to lack of childcare because of the pandemic, so by the end of the day, I’m exhausted. If that sounds like you, you’re in for a treat because I was also sure to pick out a bunch of items that I can do with her while sitting on the couch. A win win for all.

The other great thing I did was create an Amazon wishlist (not sponsored) that I then shared with our family and friends and they were able to purchase the thing that resonated most with them that still fell into that learn and play category. And the other great thing is that this method didn’t take away from the surprise on Christmas day because we used the “don’t ruin my surprise” setting on the wishlist so items didn’t disappear from our view once they were purchased, but they did disappear from the list from the buyers view.

Now that you have all of that background info, let’s get into the actual items.

Gift Items My Toddler Received

JumpOff Jo Rocksteady Balance Stepping Stones

Linked here: https://amzn.to/34QgNhq

Why I love them:

  • Plastic blocks that you line up however you’d like and hop from one stone to the next.
  • They help her practice balancing.
  • Can be played with inside or outside.
  • Can grow with her because as she gets older she can space them out farther and create more challenging obstacles courses.
  • I also love that they fit into each other so they can easily be stored, but also would be easy to transport if we wanted to take them to the park or a friends house for a play date when the world opens back up.

Riding The Santa Express

Despite everything happening in the world with the pandemic, we try hard to give our daughter a life worth living while still being safe. Luckily, at just two years old, she doesn’t really know what she’s missing. Anything we do, is new and exciting for her.

So we decided to take a trip on the Santa Express! The Wilmington and Western Railroad is a freight and heritage railroad in northern Delaware, operating over a former Baltimore and Ohio Railroad branch line. These days, its mostly use to bring joy to children around the holidays.

They have two different events for the Christmas Holiday: The Santa Express and the Holiday Lights Express. Since we didn’t know if we would get to see Santa on any other occasion, we decided to go with the Santa Express where the Jolly Old Elf himself rides the train and greets everyone on board. Santa also gives all children on board a chocolate treat.

But I know that the Holiday Lights Express would have been just as much fun since you ride the train at night while it’s decked out in Christmas lights.

While the ticket price is not exactly cheap at $21 for adults and $19 for children over two, with such limited options, we were happy to find an activity that was low risk and close to home.

To see a full overview of our day, watch our YouTube video below.