Hair Love!

So I’m kind of late to the party but earlier this year Tracee Ellis Ross did a YouTube video called “Hair Love” where she talked about the hair envy that people have over her curl pattern and how she wanted people to love and cherish their own hair. She challenged her subscribers to do a video response giving her 5 reasons why they loved their hair and she started the conversation by giving her 5 reasons. See the video below for more information.

I wish I would have stumbled across this earlier because I would have definitely submitted a response, but better late than never, right? So here I go..

Why I Love My Hair
By Chadeia Mitchell
I love my hair because it has so much character, its anything but boring.
It’s beautiful. 
I love my hair because it makes me feel. Sometimes it makes me feel good, sometimes it makes me feel angry, but at all times it makes me feel.
I love me hair because it grows from my head and I’m so proud of it. I take care of it. I nurture it and help it grow. I don’t have any pets or children, so my hair is like my baby.
I love my hair because its very versatile. Its like a brand new project every wash day. So essentially I have a new passion every time I wash my hair. #PassionMeThis
I just love my hair. And I love this journey. I love learning about natural hair and connecting with other black women over our hair. I love everything about being natural, even the challenges because it helps me to better strategize and keeps my mind sharp. I love what going natural has done for my relationship. We talked about it, we went through stages. He hated my hair when I first big chopped, but together we have made it to this point in my journey and now, he loves it.
I honestly have nothing bad to say about going natural. I have no curl envy because people who have different curl patterns have their own issues.  I’m perfectly happy with the hair that I have and I’m enjoying every stage.
What are your top 5 reasons for loving natural hair?
***Bonus Edition***
For the first time, I blew out my hair. I used the tension method, meaning I used my hands to stretch out my hair when blow drying, rather than a comb or brush attachment. And I love the results! I used heat, but I applied a heat protectant first and then used the blow dryer on low heat, but high speed… it probably would have been better for my hair if I used low speed, but I was just too excited. Next time, I’ll try this method with the blow dryer on cool, instead of using heat, so stay tuned for that.
And now some (silly) pictures from my first blowout!


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  1. Yessssss to the natural hair!!! Loving your natural texture and confidence! Natural hair is definitely a struggle some days, but when you get a great hair day, it just feels like the world bows at your feet. It's like, you work so hard at it! And while most days are “not what I wanted” days, or “ehhhhh, how can I fix this?” days, those GREAT hair days mean so much to the soul and spirit.


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