Happy Thanksgiving – Part I

Now that November is here and Thanksgiving is approaching, I’ll be doing a series on the thing I’m currently most grateful for: community.

I’m eternally grateful for the people who are in my life and the ways in which they’ve blessed me. Today, November 6th, 2015, the official one year mark to the day of my wedding, it’s only right to start this series off by thanking my  community of supportive family and friends.

By this time next year, I will be on my way down the aisle to marry the love my life. We’ve been engaged for almost a year now and lots of the wedding plans are already complete thanks to the help of our family and friends. We were gifted so many things to make our dreams come true and know that none of it would be possible without the moral, financial, and physical support of our family and friends.

Throughout our relationship, our family and friends have provided us with the moral support to get us through our most difficult times. Now that we are planning to tie the knot, the moral support has multiplied. From kind words, to prayers, to gifts and cards, our family and friends have encouraged us and provided us with tools to strengthen our relationship and lead us to a strong and healthy marriage. It’s so important to have people in your corner praying for your success and giving you tools to help you get there. I can’t imagine trying to plan a wedding or build a future with a person if none of our family and friends supported us. If there were no one praying for us, or giving us positive feedback, I don’t think we would have made it this far. I’m so grateful for the people in our live who sow into us and support us with their kind words, thoughts, and prayers.

Our family and friends have also given us financial support. From helping to fund the wedding itself, to gifts and services, such a huge portion of our planning was financially supported by our family and friends. We still have a year left to plan all the small details, but so much of the important decisions were already made due to the contributions of our loved ones. We have a reception venue, entertainment, and have even began planning our dream honeymoon, all of which could not be done without the help of our family. When we hosted our engagement party, our friends provided tons of financial assistance to help our vision come true. Weddings are expensive. We all know that. But my fiance and I also know how fortunate we are to have people in our lives who are able to chip in when we need a little financial assistance. No matter the amount, big or small, every little bit helps and we are grateful for every person who invested into our future.

In addition to moral and financial support, our family and friends have provided us with unending physical support. At our engagement party our friends and family set up all of the decorations for the entire party while my fiancé and I took engagement session photos. My bridesmaids stayed up late in the night to finalize all the DIY projects we put together for the engagement party. Everyone worked so diligently with no complaints, just happy to see our vision come to life. We know that our family and friends will be just as helpful as our wedding day draws near, and we are so grateful to have their undying support.

None of our wedding goals would be possible without our community of family and friends. We are so grateful for each and every person who has kept us in their thoughts, sent gifts, or lifted a finger to help. No matter how far or near, our community has supported us none stop. It is not distance that makes a community, but the desire to support a person. This November, my fiance and I want to be sure that every person who has been a positive force in our lives as we begin to plan for our union, knows just how much they mean to us. We appreciate you. We love you. And we couldn’t imagine life without you.

This November, be sure to tell your community how important they are to you. No one goes through life alone. Whether your community is miles away, or down the street, be sure to thank them for adding value to your life.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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