The Epitome of a Man: 26 Qualities in a Perfect Partner

Today, February 9, is my fiancé’s 26th birthday. When I met him in 2009, right before his 19th birthday, I had no idea he’d become the man that he is today. With each passing year, I’ve been able to witness first hand the growth in him and the growth in our relationship.

Today, my fiancé is the epitome of what I think a partner should be. His characteristics are why I love him and why I can’t wait to be his wife. In honor of his 26 birthday, I’ve written 26 reasons why I love him – 26 qualities of a perfect partner.

  1. He’s my best friend.
  2. He’s my biggest fan.
  3. With him, I can be my truest self.
  4. He protects me.
  5. He makes me laugh.
  6. He provides for me.
  7. He listens to my concerns with an open mind.
  8. He teaches me new things.
  9. He keeps my secrets.
  10. He’s patient with me.
  11. He cooks and helps around the house.
  12. He challenges me.
  13. He’s great with kids.
  14. He’s caring to everyone around him (especially the homeless).
  15. I can trust him.
  16. He lets me get my way (sometimes).
  17. He’s affectionate.
  18. He’s consistent.
  19. Where I am weak, he is strong.
  20. He lets me ride shotgun instead of being the driver.
  21. He’s handy.
  22. He motivates me.
  23. He compromises with me.
  24. He holds me when I sleep.
  25. He wakes up before me on weekends to get stuff done.
  26. He’s a genuinely good person.


My perfect partner is someone who I can be myself with and enjoy being around. There’s no such thing as perfect people or (hate to break it to you) perfect partners, but there’s definitely someone perfect for you.

I’d like to thank my perfect guy for all that he’s added to my life. Happy Birthday Babe!

So who’s your perfect partner? What qualities does he have?



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  1. I am yet to find him but I’m still young. I’m in no rush. I’m happy you have though and ask God’s blessing on your union. That’s 26 great epitome of a man.

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