Colour Pop Review & Swatches for Brown Skin Girls

I love lipsticks, especially lipsticks that are matte and lipsticks that last all day. ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid lipsticks do just that. Their super matte formula glides on like water and lasts all day. Plus, these amazing lip products are just $6!

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks are a lipstick lovers best friend. The only problem with these lipsticks (if you even want to call it a problem) is that they look different on every skin tone. Due to the high opaqueness of the product, one color can look like a completely different color on a different skin color.

To help out my fellow brown skin lipstick lovers, I have a few pictures below of me wearing LAX, Be-Dazzled, Limbo, Guess, Chi, More Better, and Kapow….

1. Chi:

A color from the ColourPop X Karrueche Tran Collaboration, described by ColourPop as a cool tone nude beige.


This color shows up super light on me. To make it more wearable, I pair it with a very dark brown lip liner. Right now, I’m using Bittersweet by MAC. I start by lining my lips with the dark brown liner, then I apply a layer of the lipstick, outline my lips again for a clean look and press my lips together to smooth out the harsh edges.

When paired with a deep liner, Chi by ColourPop is a great nude color for brown skin girls.

2. More Better:

Described as a deep violet wine.


Lots of other brown girls love More Better, however, I do not. Its a very bright but flat color. You know how some walls are flat white? They have no gloss to them at all and if you accidentally rub you nail against them, nailpolish transfers over to the wall. That’s what this color reminds me of. It’s flat, has no shine and is just not that flattering to me. In addition, on me, it just looks red. Flat, plain old red.

I’m hoping it will work better in the summer. Maybe it will be able to pick up more light and look less flat when the sun’s out.

3. LAX:

Described as a vampy blackened red.wp-1456775820253.jpg

LAX is one of my ultimate favorites. It’s just the right hue of red to flatter any brown girl. No liner is needed for LAX. If you’re looking for something to make a statement, but is not overwhelmingly bold, LAX is for you.

4. Be- Dazzled:

Described as a deep true purple.wp-1456775879514.jpg

Be-Dazzeled is such a fun color. I think its very flattering on brown skin. It’s bold and definitely makes a statement, but only in the best way. One downfall of Be-Dazzeled is that it doesn’t wear off smoothly. It leaves a pink stain on the lip as it fades away. On the edges of the lip and right in the center where your spoon hits the inside of your lips as you eat, you’ll be sure to have a pink stain as the day goes on. I still love Be-Dazzeled, but I know its something to wear for a few hours versus an all day lip color.

5. Kapow:

Described as a muted grey taupe.


Another favorite of mine, Kapow is Bae. But this color, much like Chi, can appear too light if worn without a lip liner. For this color, I like to play on the purple undertone and pair it with a deep purple lip liner. Currently, I’m using Nicka K Auto Lip Liner in Indigo (AA12) (It’s marketed as indigo, but trust me, its Purple).

I use the same technique as Chi, I start by lining my lips with the dark purple liner, then I apply a layer of liquid lipstick, outline my lips again for a clean look and press my lips together to smooth out the harsh edges.

I think this color is a great nude option for Brown Girls as well. If you’re looking for something a little edgier than Chi, Kapow is more of your style.

6. Limbo:

Described as a deep chocolate brown


Limbo is another staple. Its such a simple color to throw on an forget about. This color isn’t bold, but it also isn’t a true nude. It’s the perfect in between. No liner is needed when wearing Limbo. If you’re new to liquid lipsticks, I suggest Limbo because its such an easy color to wear.

7. Guess:

Described as a dark blackened violet


Guess is the epitome of a statement lipstick. Its edgy, its bold, and its even a bit Gothic, but I really enjoy it. It stays on long and doesn’t leave any weird stains as it wears off. On me, it looks more black than violet, but the violent hue makes it a bit less harsh than a true black. Its very flattering on brown skin and great for nighttime wear.

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      1. I don’t think I’ll find that brand here in Jamaica but I’ll try to find something close to that color.


  1. I like the Be-Dazzeled. I like how the deep purple lipsticks look. I line and fill my lips in with a purple eye liner first so it doesn’t wipe off. Beautiful color!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh no! I was use the Pallada from Sally’s Beauty Supply and it didn’t go anyways. I had to use a microderm abrasion brush to remove it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I placed my first Colour Pop order yesterday, and I’m happy that two of the shades I ordered are two you are fabulously rocking here!!! This moment of synchronicity is a definite win!! 🙌🏾


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