Justice For Mike Brown

Systemic Racism, White People, and Why Mike Brown is such a big deal.

In waiting for the verdict of the grand jury in the Ferguson case, I already knew what was going to happen. I wasn’t shocked by the no indictment. I couldn’t be. It was already decided, already proven way before it had even went to trail – way before it had even happened. It was already decided when it happened in the Trayvon Martin Case, when it happened to Oscar Grant, when it happened to Sean Bell. The verdict was read way before November 24, 2014.

That is because there is systemic racism in America. Systemic racism (sometimes referred to as institutional racism) is any system of inequality based on race. It is different from individual racism because it is inequality from a business, system, or other societal structure. It is not based on one person’s opinion, but the rules and regulations of a greater entity. Systemic racism occurs when the way a society is structured systematically ends up giving advantages to some and disadvantages to others.

An easy way to explain systematic racism is in the purchase of bandages. When a person goes to the store to buy Band-Aids for a cut, the only colors available in most retail stores are of a lighter complexion. A dark brown skin person, like myself, will never find Band-Aids in my skin color at a major retail store in America. That is inequality that was set up by a business, it is not racism of one person in particular. (more…)